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GeoPower satellite communication toolkit introduces a comprehensive all-in-one software for the satellite communication engineers or their customers to perform the mostly common calculation tasks. As of the day writing this public domain script, GeoPower has incorporated the functions of doing link power budget calculation, predicting the time and periord when sunoutage occurs, calculating the rain-caused attenuation to satellite circuits. The source code is developed by Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, the database-driven features enable the code running smoothly and stably. In the free-download edition, it employs two sample satellites' pseudo data to demostrate how easily a greenhand can handle the complex calculations in satellite engineering and produce beautiful result sheets. The database-driven feature also enables easy revision or increase of space capacity which is often the case in satellite industry.

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Link budget calculation
  User-friendly configuration of a whole satellite link, easy translation of carrier information rate into noise bandwidth. Two calculation modes, end-to-end and end-to-multiend, suit different types of links, i.e., the telecommunication link and the TV-broadcasting link. Rain factors and four types of interference(ACI, ASI, X-POL, intermodulation) are considered. Four formats are installed to produce result documents, i.e., PDF, HTML, EXCEL and Word
Sunoutage Prediction
  In the Spring and Autumn equinox, the Sun will pass through the antenna's looking angle towards the satellite. As the Sun is a great source of noise, some telecommunication link will be in downtime during certain period of time. This phenomenon is well known in TVRO world, twice every year, their satellite TV signals will be overwhelmned by the noise from the Sun. This calculation tool provides precise prediction of when the sunoutage will occur and how long it will last for different sizes of antennas. Almost all the hot birds in Asia Pacific region are incorporated in the database.
Rain Attenuation Calculation
  raindrops will weaken the signal strength while it propagates through the raining atmosphere. The intensity of rain attenuation depends on a number of factors varying from the signal's wavelength to raindrop's temperature. The research in ITU-R P-618 detailed the calculation method and provided an extensive rainfall database throughout the world. Although the real rainfall data shows discrepancies with the ITU database, the calculation could provide a quantitative reference for the receiving site to determine how large antenna they should install to guarantee not losing signal in heavy rain, as well as for the transmitting site to configure its UPC(Uplink Power Control) unit.

TVRO Version download

DTH Downlink Link budget calculation
  A simplified version of link budget, the TVRO fans will find it is useful to calibrate the receiving system, it helps determine the suitable size of antenna, taking into consideration of rain attenuation in Ku-band. It has a extensive satellite database that contains over 300 satellites and 1600 cities across the world. Advance users can input transponder backoff values, LNB & LNA insert loss and temperature, etc.
Sunoutage Prediction
  The same calculation as the professional version.

A new function is on the way
Many ghost satellites or drifting satellites are cruising through the geo-orbit, it raises much concern among satellite operators about satellite collision and signal blocking. This new function enables users to specify their concerned orbital position and the size of the alert box, the toolkit monitors the fly-by satellites arround the box everyday and sends warning to the user if there is any close encounter satellite located within the box.It also highlights the satellites that are undergoing a relocation maneuver or deorbiting to the so called satellite graveyard.[Link]

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